Dr. Desman

Dr. Desman is truly passionate about plastic surgery. He considers himself to be one of the lucky people that loves what he does for a living. He greatly enjoys getting to know his patients and building an ongoing relationship with them, and he derives tremendous satisfaction out of helping patients achieve their desired aesthetic goals.

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I am so very pleased with my new look. You can never know the extent of all the changes that the breast reduction surgery has brought about in my life, but I have never been so satisfied with the way things are in my life. The surgery changed not only how I look but changed… Read More »


I wouldn’t have any other plastic surgeon after having been a patient of Dr. Desman’s.*


I would recommend him because he is capable & competent & does good work.*


I mentioned to you during one of my follow-up appointments my hope that you enjoy your work as a surgeon. Because of what you are able to do for people, you can give them the opportunity to feel more like who they think they are supposed to be. You don’t just remove tissue or move… Read More »


Dr. Desman has a great bedside manner … he is straightforward and I would recommend him to all my friends.*


Many people have asked me, since the surgery, if I have had any second thoughts about the surgery … I have to answer that there are no regrets. Only total satisfaction.*


Dr. Desman works a magic that I seem unable to find words to properly describe…you change our lives, you make patients more tolerant of themselves, you help them fit in more with their world, you make them more comfortable with themselves and others.*

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Thank you so much for your professionalism, caring, and making me feel comfortable. This was a huge decision and I appreciate everything you did to help me feel comfortable and confident to go through with the procedure. You are a fantastic surgeon, and you have a wonderful staff. Thank you again.*


Thank you so much for the wonderful job! I will highly recommend you to all of my friends & family.*


Dr. Desman and his staff made sure I had ALL the information I needed before, during and after my procedure. I never felt rushed and they were happy to answer all my questions. He was exceptionally skilled at assuaging my fears about the procedure itself and my recovery. My scar is beautiful (as far as… Read More »

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Dr. Desman made me feel very confident in his expertise, and he was very patient and answered all my questions in detail.*

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The surgery went smoothly and follow-up was great. This was one of the best experiences I had in a doctor”s office.*

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I was a little scared at first to visit a plastic surgeon for what I needed (a cyst removed), but ultimately Dr. Desman was great and set me at ease.*

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It’s been 7 years and I am very happy with results of my breast lift…….*

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I was greatly impressed with the VCPS and its personnel…….. I’ve rarely seen as helpful and nice professionals ….. Thanks!!!*

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I really appreciate that Dr. Desman was honest with me. He could have easily performed the procedure to make money but he convinced me to wait for better result. Pretty unusual!*

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From the 1st visit to, to surgery to after care…… They did a wonderful job, and I would recommend them to any one.*

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Thank you Dr. Desman for making a dream a reality. I really appreciate all the care and technique that you put into your work. I love my results…… You do excellent/ beautiful work…… You will always have a place in my heart and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who not only wants great… Read More »

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….my expectations were exceeded. I not only look better but have a much higher self confidence level*

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You…..are wonderful! From the moment I walked in to your office ……I have been nothing but comfortable. You told me exactly what to expect with my augmentation, and it all happened just as you said. Your recovery plan is better than any my friends have been through, and I’m thrilled with my results.

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Thank you for everything! You took me from “blah” to “beautiful”. You brought me into the new year with an excitement I haven’t had in years! Great treatment! Great care! Great results!

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I had surgery 3 months ago and I am feeling great…. Thank your Dr. Desman for your experience and skills…for your encouragement and warmth…. a great team!

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I just want to say thank you very much for such a superb job you’ve done w/ my breast augmentation surgery! I am extremely happy w/ the results and this has been a great life changing experience.

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Dr. Desman was very straightforward, honest and he did an excellent job. His staff were very professional, accessible, friendly and easy to work with. The surgery center was just as good and they spoke very highly of Dr. Desman and his ability as a surgeon.

Tummy Tuck Patient

Great Staff…thorough explanation and all questions fully answered!


The staff is thoughtful, considerate and kinds. When making a decision for surgery, theses characteristics along with the display and proof of professional knowledge goes along way in helping me decide my PS.

Tummy Tuck Patient

They are familiar with me as a patient and treat me with care. They are a lively group which in turn relaxes me for my Botox treatment. I always get updates on what to expect before or after a procedure.

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Doctor was very reputable and his staff was very friendly.

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Patient coordinator was friendly, confident and extremely competent.  She answered all my questions and put me at ease even before meeting with the surgeon.  My consultation was a breeze and I never looked back; I knew I was making the right decision/I felt absolutely comfort with the surgeon and staff.  After my surgery my patient… Read More »


I would not change anything with this office, everything is great!!!!!


Staff are always kind and caring. They are patient and try to address your individual needs. A pleasant environment all around.


Dr. Desman and his great staff have been a Blessing to me as a patient. I have been seeing Dr. Desman for many many years. And, each time that I had an appointment with him, I was treated very kindly with great respect. I believe in my heart that Dr. Desman and his wonderful staff… Read More »

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Words cannot adequately express my gratitude and sense of elation. First, you and your team epitomize professionalism in Health Care. I always felt that I was at home during my visits. But secondly, I am so pleased with my new appearance. You saw my tears when the splint came off; but my happiness and pleasure… Read More »

K. Conley

Hey! I just wanted to thank Dr. Desman and the rest of his team for the wonderful job they did. I am 100% satisfied with my results and actually amazed at how painless and quick my recovery has been :). I have never been more happy with myself and constantly get compliments from family and… Read More »


Wow, where do I begin? THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! After my first procedure, liposuction in my legs, I came back to see if you would let me have my tummy tuck done. The way I see myself and feel about myself is so different. You gave me my confidence back and it felt… Read More »


Dr. Desman, Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job that you did. My experience was definitely positive and very exciting. I would love to give a reference if one is needed.


Just a little note to bring A great big “Thanks” for everything! I feel like a million dollars now. My confidence level is much higher and my self-esteem.


My name is Laura, and I had a breast augmentation done on December 3, 2008. Dr. Eric Desman Was Wonderful and so was all the staff. I would do this all over again. Thanks Dr. Eric Desman – much love always.


AWESOME VISIT!!! I Would not change anything. I always receive great greetings and great smile from the wonderful people who work there. And, I am truly blessed to be Dr.Desman’s patient. Dr. Desman is the most Wonderful, Brilliant, Amazing and Awesome(A+++) Doctor that I have ever met. He is the Greatest Role Model for all… Read More »

Saiedeh S.

The staff and Dr Desman were very kind and supportive about my surgery. Liked the music played during my surgery which was very soothing.

Cynthia H.

My appointment far exceeded my expectations. I felt like a member of the team. The doctor and his Manager were willing to spend time with me, give me options that were available to me. Most remarkable was the doctor changed procedures that would cost savings to me. What was particularly important to me was the… Read More »

Mary A.

I had a very positive consultation with Dr. Desman. He explained the procedure in detail a was interested in what results I wanted. He answered all my questions. His staff was friendly and professional.

Janice H.

Dr. Desmond and his staff are kind, caring and skilled. They strive to give the absolute best individual care.

Brenda S.

As usual, I am more than happy with my appointment and the results! I can not wait to continue with the peels!

Elizabeth L.

Dr. Desman and his staff are amazing. They’re all friendly and welcoming. And as for the doc, he’s honest and conservative in his approach and helps to give the natural look which i love about him. They have a loyal client.

Alexandra K.

Excellent experience at VCPS. Dr. Desman is very professional with a great bedside manor. Office staff was very helpful and friendly.

John F.

Everyone was super nice and professional, timely, no wait time.

Zachary R.

What a great Botox and under eye filler procedure… I love it and will keep on coming back.

Christina N.

The staff was outstanding. They provided a ton of information and have gone out of their way to take care of my needs!

Matthew D.

Superb staff…friendly, polite, and engaging. I was involved w/my tx from start to finish.

Jaqueline D.

Great visit, and excellent explanation of the proposed services!

Edward R.

Great staff. I have great confidence in Dr. Desman’s abilities.

Barbara F.

It would be cool if you offered to show before and after photos; or used a simulation program to give a rough idea of what the final product will look like. Otherwise I really enjoyed my visit and I am looking forward to the surgery.

Alyssa N.

I would not change anything with this office, everything is great!!!!! Tre love you girl!!!!!

Catrina M.

Kind, compassionate and knowledgeable!

Brenda S.

Everyone was very friendly and all procedures were carefully explained. I felt very comfortable the entire visit. I could tell the doctor and his staff strive to put patients first and take great pride in their work.

Katherine R.

The staff here is phenomenal from the time you walk through the door to the time you leave. I am very grateful that Dr. Desman saw me on such short notice and he and Trea treated me very kind.

Regina W.

I was greatly impressed with the VCPS and its personnel. My mother needed a professional examination of her leg wound, and she received immediate attention and scheduling due to assistance by VCPS. I’ve rarely seen as helpful and nice professionals as we did on her appointment. Thanks!!!

Gweneolyn W.

By the way my visit has been good,considering the efforts of the surgeon who attended to me . coming out with his camera taking pictures of my Keloid and sending it to my insurance company for their approval though nothing had been heard I have the hope that this effort will not be in vain…. Read More »

Stephen Q.

Professional, informative and skilled as always!!

Tara M.

I anticipate a positive relationship between this office and myself.

Kimberly S.

I left quite well informed and don’t see any changes that need to be done.

Linn S.

Very thorough and professional from beginning to end. Felt comfortable and at ease with Dr. Desman. The receptionist was very informative and pleasant.

Paola R.

I forgot to ask u about the “cool laser” that I read about for getting rid of brown dis colorations on my face – dare I say age spots.

Christine K.

I LOVE Dr. D, Trea and staff!!! Recommend everyone to them! They are always the absolute best and would never go anywhere else!!!! Team Dr. D! WHOO hoo!!!

Leigh T.

We have a comfort zone with the staff.They ensure personal care and trust. We enjoy a friendly environment. I say we cause my husband is also a client. Thank You

Sonia C.

I have all but positive things to say.

Vickie L.

Every aspect of my visit was wonderful. Dr. Desman did a great job of assuaging my fears! He’s professional, personable and funny! I’d definitely recommend him to family and friends.

Lavonne D.

I have confidence in staff and doctors. I will likely go back for service.

Kelly F.

Great service. Still concerned about my lower tummy area. Hopefully it will go down more.

Deilfilia M.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with Dr. Desman, Trea, and Penelope. Their efforts have made both of my surgeries the best possible experiences. They are professional yet personal. They truly care for their patients and do it with a smile. Finally, I must sing Trea’s praises as she is ready and available to answer… Read More »

Michael M.

It is a professional yet warm environment. I cannot speak more highly of your team and Dr. Desman’s work! Keep it up.

Gerilyn R.

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About Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery

Since 2000, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Desman has been providing highly personalized surgical care to residents in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC, areas. Esteemed by patients and colleagues, Dr. Desman is truly passionate about the art of plastic surgery, and he greatly enjoys getting to know his patients by building an ongoing relationship with them. Whether you’re seeking surgical or non-surgical cosmetic enhancements, he will work with you to develop an aesthetic plan that is tailored to your goals and tastes. Dr. Desman is driven by helping people become more comfortable with their appearance, and he derives tremendous satisfaction by helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals. His DC plastic surgery practice has helped thousands of people look and feel their best through cosmetic procedures. With his unique sense of aesthetic beauty and dedication to patient satisfaction, Dr. Desman has become a valuable member of the plastic surgery community in the DC area.