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As we age, Mother Nature tends to remind us that we have spent too much time in the sun and that gravity hasn’t always been our friend. We laugh, smile, frown, squint and chew. Wrinkles and lines, sun damage, sagging muscles – all combine to give our faces that aged look. Many people find that this look is one they would like to change aesthetically.

That’s where the skin care skills and experience of the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery and Virginia facial rejuvenation expert, Dr. Desman come in. By using a number of injectable fillers, Dr. Desman is able to help smooth the wrinkles that time, age, and weather have given you. These fillers are long lasting, non-surgical, and have immediate results. Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvéderm® is just two of many fillers in this category. Hyaluronic acid is a non-animal based and naturally occurring substance in the connective tissue and skin.

Northern Virginia Dermal Fillers FAQ

The primary distinction between dermal fillers like members of the Juvéderm family and botulinum toxins like Botox is that Botox and its sister product, Dysport, primarily treat dynamic wrinkles that form from habitual expressions like frowning and squinting. In contrast, fillers can help resolve static wrinkles like the “parentheses lines” and “marionette lines” that form around the mouth, as well as those in the mid-face and on your neck.

Fillers also work differently from neuromodulators in that they add volume, erase wrinkles, and promote collagen growth in necessary places, whereas Botox and Dysport temporarily paralyze the muscles that cause lines to form. Over time, the muscle relaxation softens wrinkles and prevents new ones from forming.

Dermal filler pricing depends on the number of units required to produce the desired effect. After meeting with you and evaluating your goals, Dr. Desman can recommend a customized treatment plan that includes an accurate estimate of the final price you can expect to pay.

Fillers formulated with hyaluronic acid will eventually break down in your body, depending on various lifestyle factors and how fast your metabolism works. Despite this, fillers have long-lasting formulas and can continue to improve your appearance for a year or longer in many cases. If you see the effects starting to wear off sooner than you anticipated, you can always schedule a follow-up appointment for a refresher treatment.

When you choose an expert provider to perform your injections, you should feel nothing but satisfied after your treatment. However, if you change your mind after seeing your results, rest assured that an application of a molecule called hyaluronidase can quickly dissolve the fillers, returning you to your previous appearance.

The side effects of dermal fillers are generally mild and include bruising, redness, skin sensitivity, and swelling, which usually resolve on their own after a couple of days. You can use at-home remedies like ice packs to accelerate healing and cover any bruises with makeup.

Most of our patients report little to no discomfort from the injections, due to the skill of our injectors and the fineness of the needle used to perform them. Formulations in the Juvéderm family also include an anesthetic called lidocaine to numb the skin. If you’re worried about pain, ask us about a topical numbing cream.

With all non-surgical injectable fillers, the results are immediate with little to no downtime. If you feel injectable fillers are right for you, or if you have any questions about them, please contact Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery.

Call (703) 924-3144 to schedule your consultation or to set up a telephone consultation.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality cosmetic surgery care in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC region. Dr. Desman is committed to serving you through advanced training, dedication to perfection and unmatched personal care.

We are confident you will not be disappointed!

Dermal Fillers

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