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Have you looked in the mirror recently and wondered why it seemed as if your forehead was lower than it was when you were younger? Don’t be too surprised. As we age, all of our frowning, laughing, crying, and squinting has caused the muscles in our forehead, or brow, to sag. As a result, your face may project a sad, tired, or stern expression.

Dr. Eric Desman has the plastic surgery experience to naturally tighten your brow so that only your hairdresser will know. That’s right. And, even better, a complementary procedure he skillfully performs with a brow lift is the Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty). The combination will give your face that rejuvenated youthful look again.*

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What Is a Brow Lift?

Brow lifts are a facial surgical procedure designed to elevate the appearance of drooping, sagging eyebrows. The procedure is ideal for patients experiencing moderate to severe forehead sagging and who look as if they are deep in thought or frowning. By removing excess skin from the brow line, the ultimate goal of a brow lift is to create a youthful, natural appearance.

What Are the Benefits of a Brow Lift?

A brow lift can have a significant impact on your appearance. Some benefits of the brow lift procedure include:

  1. Improved position and shape of the eyebrows
  2. Reduced appearance of frown lines
  3. Softened or reduced horizontal lines along the forehead
  4. Reduced furrows in the forehead area
  5. Improved appearance of horizontal lines across the forehead
  6. Improved appearance of  vertical frown lines on the bridge of the nose and between the eyebrows
  7. Elevated and natural-looking youthful appearance of the eyebrow position
  8. Decreased hooding of eyebrows onto the upper eyelids

In addition to the physical enhancements of a brow lift, many patients enjoy a refreshed sense of confidence. Many patients feel that they are better equipped to make a good impression during social and professional communications.

Ideal Candidates for a Brow Lift

People who are in their 40s or above usually make good candidates for brow lift plastic surgery. The brow line typically begins to droop from this age, and prominent wrinkles and fine lines may start to appear across the forehead. Some candidates only in their 20s or 30s may also find they need a brow lift, especially if sagging brows run in the family.

An ideal candidate for a brow lift will have realistic expectations and be committed to following Dr. Desman’s pre-and post-surgery instructions. You could be a good candidate for a brow lift if any of the following conditions apply to you:

  1. Seek to reduce wrinkles or creases along the forehead region
  2. Suffer from forehead wrinkles or lines that give you an angry, tired, or sad appearance
  3. Seek to improve the appearance of drooping brows and eyelids
  4. Find your drooping brow is causing impaired vision
  5. In overall good health with realistic expectations for the results
  6. A non-smoker

Baldness or a receding hairline should not rule out your brow lift candidacy. Dr. Desman will adjust the position of the incision to make the scar is as unnoticeable as possible.

Brow Lift

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As with any plastic surgery procedure performed by Dr. Desman, your brow lift will be fully customized to address your specific concerns and aesthetic goals. As a board-certified plastic surgeon serving Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the surrounding Washington DC metropolitan area, Dr. Desman is committed to providing you with natural-looking results which give your forehead an appearance that reflects your youthfulness and sense of confidence.

During your consultation, all your treatment options will be explained. Depending on your unique situation, Dr. Desman may recommend a facelift or other complementary procedure to address all of your individual needs.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality cosmetic surgery care in the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. areas. Dr. Desman is committed to serving you through advanced training, dedication to perfection, and his unmatched personal care.

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