Asymmetrical Breast Augmentation in Northern Virginia

Perfect symmetry does not exist in nature. Every woman, no matter the size of her breasts, is somewhat asymmetrical. For some women, this lack of symmetry is unnoticeable and presents no real issues. For others however, it can interfere with everything from clothing options to comfort, to self-confidence, and assurance. When this is the case, creating a customized plan for each breast in the correction of asymmetry is the best way to restore balance, comfort, and overall appearance to your upper body.

If you would like to learn more about asymmetrical breast augmentation in Northern Virginia and Alexandria, our team is here to serve as a guide and resource.

Options for Correcting Asymmetry

Our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Desman offers a number of options for the correction of asymmetry. The ideal solution for your body will depend on factors unique to you and is best determined during your initial consultation. Our team knows that no single option is correct for every woman and will work individually with you to ensure you receive the procedure best suited to meet your specific needs.

Asymmetry correction options offered by our practice include:

  • Breast augmentation – with this option, our team will use implants to improve the size, shape, and profile, and asymmetrical appearance of the breasts.
  • Breast lift – with breast lift surgery, Dr. Desman can address loose, sagging tissue and restore a firm, lifted, and symmetrical form.
  • Breast reduction – if asymmetrical and overly large breasts are causing imbalance, our team can remove unneeded fat and tissue to produce a smaller, more comfortable, and more symmetrical look

These options can be used alone or in various combinations to produce optimal results. During a consultation, Dr. Desman can work with an Alexandria and Northern Virginia patient to figure out the perfect way to perform an asymmetrical breast augmentation.

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You should not have to worry any longer about the effect that uneven breasts have on your appearance and self-esteem. Our practice offers asymmetrical breast augmentation in Northern Virginia and Alexandria for correcting the issue in the long term. To schedule your consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, please contact us today. Dr. Desman provides customized breast enhancement options in our conveniently located office.

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