Thigh Lift in Northern Virginia

With the nation becoming more health conscious in recent years, there are more people than ever working out at the gym or going jogging every day. Sometimes, there are areas that need a little additional help to get them looking as toned as we want.

Thankfully, this is where The Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery can help. With his years of body contouring experience, Dr. Desman can remove the excess skin and fatty tissue in the thigh area, giving the thighs a lift and making them look more toned and smoother. A thigh lift in Northern Virginia and Alexandria could be perfect for your physique and circumstances, and our team is happy to assess your needs during a consultation. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality cosmetic surgery care in the area. Dr. Desman is committed to serving you through advanced training, dedication to perfection and unmatched personal care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, look for a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in performing this procedure. Not every cosmetic surgeon offers or has experience in performing a thigh lift with the highest standard of care. You should schedule a consultation with every surgeon you’re considering working with to ensure their personality and aesthetic philosophy align with yours. This meeting is also your opportunity to define your surgical goals and express what you’re hoping to achieve.

Scars are an inevitable part of any surgical procedure, but a skilled plastic surgeon such as Dr. Desman will take care to place your thigh lift incisions in areas where they will heal virtually invisibly. If you follow all your post-surgical care instructions to the letter, your thigh lift scars will remain discreet, be almost entirely hidden, and will not detract from your enjoyment of your newly toned legs.

Various factors will influence your thigh lift surgery’s total cost, including where you choose to have it performed and your surgeon’s experience and education levels. While your health insurance likely won’t offset the cost of an elective procedure, many doctors offer financing options to make cosmetic surgery more affordable for their clients. We’ll discuss all the related expenses of an Alexandria or Northern Virginia thigh lift with you during your consultation, so there are no unexpected charges.

While complications for Thigh Lift are rare, Dr. Desman will be there to take care of you. In addition, when you have surgery, you will automatically be enrolled in a cosmetic surgery specific insurance plan that covers you for the first 45 days after surgery. Your safety and well being are a top priority for us and this is another way that we ensure you have the best care possible.

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