Ear Pinning Surgery

Ear Pinning Surgery Northern Virginia

Although otoplasty, ear pinning surgery, is typically performed on younger children (ages 4-14 or so), it is frequently done for adults as well. It is a procedure that will bring the ear closer to the head and reduce the size of seemingly large ears.

Whether the cosmetic ear pinning surgery is for you or your child, it should never be done without first consulting a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Desman. Fairfax County plastic surgeon, Dr. Desman will determine the most effective technique to achieve the desired results.

The procedure itself is fairly simple. An incision is made in the back of the ear so the cartilage can be sculpted and folded, allowing the ear to lie closer to the head. Stitches are used to close the incision. The head will be wrapped with a rather bulky bandage for several days. This will help the newly sculpted ear to mold and heal properly. After the healing process, the result will be a more natural look to the head overall.

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Otoplasty FAQs

The goal of otoplasty surgery is to make the ears less prominent. However, it does not affect the size of the ears.

No. This procedure only alters the appearance of the outer ears and will not impact the ability to hear.

No. However, if your child already has a chronic problem with ear infections, Dr. Desman will most likely recommend postponing this surgery until the infections clear up or until they occur less frequently.

Typically, health insurance providers do not offset the costs of surgeries that are solely for aesthetic purposes. When in doubt, check with your specific plan to make sure. Because we believe the cost of cosmetic surgery should not be a barrier to seeking treatment, we offer affordable financing options at the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery.

It is safe to have otoplasty performed once a child’s ears are at or near their adult size. Luckily, the ears grow rapidly, usually reaching this milestone by age 5. Dr. Desman often suggests having the procedure done as early as possible if you are hoping to spare your child from teasing or bullying in elementary school. The ear cartilage is also softer and easier to work with in younger patients.

However, there is no upper age limit on when parents can choose to have this procedure done for their children. You can also get otoplasty as an adult.  

The most significant factor in deciding whether your child is ready for otoplasty is if they fully comprehend everything involved in the procedure. Your child should also be old enough to follow a list of do’s and don’ts, including those associated with the aftercare process.

Otoplasty does require a recovery period, though the healing process is relatively brief. During the first week, patients must wear a postoperative support dressing to hold their ears in their new shape and protect them from bending and other trauma. There is minimal discomfort associated with ear pinning recovery, and most children can return to school and other typical activities after about two weeks. If your child plays sports or is an avid swimmer, Dr. Desman may recommend taking a longer break from those pursuits while their ears fully heal.

Ear Pinning (Otoplasty)

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