When Is the Right Time for Body Contouring After Major Weight Loss?
Shedding a dramatic amount of weight represents a significant life milestone for many formerly overweight people. Whether your accomplishment resulted from having bariatric surgery or you worked off the pounds through diligent diet and exercise, you’ve likely found yourself feeling healthier and more confident. However,...
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After a Facelift: Tips for Keeping Skin Tight and Smooth
Though the field of aesthetic medicine is continually advancing, we don’t yet have a way to halt the natural aging process entirely. However, facelift surgery can take years off your appearance and leave you looking more youthful and vibrant. After you finally commit to getting...
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Arm Exercises After Brachioplasty: Slow and Steady Fights the Flab
As we age and lose skin laxity and muscle tone, our upper arm area is prone to developing excess flab. If this happens to you, you may be wondering what you can do to get arms you’ll be proud to reveal. An upper arm lift,...
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