How Can Plastic Surgery Rejuvenate Your Cheeks?

The natural aging process happens to us all – in some cases, bringing welcome changes that make people look wiser and more distinguished. However, other people may find themselves self-conscious about the way their appearance transforms as they get older. As you age, the cumulative effects of collagen loss will continue to make your skin… Read More »

May Is for Moms: Get a Mommy Makeover!

May brings spring at its beautiful peak – with plenty of sunshine, flowers blooming, and birds singing. May is also a time when we honor our mothers with Mother’s Day. You might expect your family to treat you to something memorable like serving you breakfast in bed, but have you thought about using Mother’s Day… Read More »

When Is the Right Time for Body Contouring After Major Weight Loss?

Shedding a dramatic amount of weight represents a significant life milestone for many formerly overweight people. Whether your accomplishment resulted from having bariatric surgery or you worked off the pounds through diligent diet and exercise, you’ve likely found yourself feeling healthier and more confident. However, your exterior appearance might not match your newly improved outlook… Read More »

Procedures That Will Set You Up to Achieve Your 2019 Body Goals

We’ve reached the close of another year, and it’s natural for many of us to begin planning what New Year’s resolutions we want to make to improve our lives in the new year ahead. These goals often center on the desire to lose weight or break through a fitness plateau. If your resolutions have failed… Read More »

Why are Fall and Winter Ideal Seasons for Facelift Surgery?

Are you dreaming of getting a facelift to look and feel younger, but not sure when to schedule your cosmetic surgery? Fall and winter are often the busiest times at our Virginia aesthetic surgical facility, so it’s a smart idea to book your consultation now. Here are some of the key reasons why. 1. It’s… Read More »

Gynecomastia – Causes and Solutions

You exercise and eat right, but you still can’t seem to shake those dreaded “man boobs.” You may feel self-conscious when taking off your shirt in the locker room or at the beach – or, sometimes, you’re uncomfortable about the way your chest looks, even when you have your shirt on. If this sounds like… Read More »

Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing can alter the appearance of a new mother’s body. Through a combination of plastic surgery procedures, the mommy makeover has helped countless women regain their pre-baby body and their self-confidence. Below are some of the most popular procedures our patients elect as part of their mommy makeover: Schedule a consultation with… Read More »

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon in Washington, DC

Three words you never want to hear – bad plastic surgery – have become so common, they’ve commanded their own television program. Unskilled surgeons performing complex aesthetic procedures in unaccredited facilities can’t help but lead to bad outcomes, and it is important to know how to select a Washington, DC plastic surgeon to help avoid an unpleasant… Read More »

Liposuction Recovery

Recovery following liposuction is different for each patient. Factors that will influence recovery include the type of liposuction you have undergone, the number of areas treated, how much tissue was removed, and your body’s natural healing abilities. How well you follow Washington, DC liposuction surgeon Dr. Eric Desman’s pre and postoperative advice will also play a role… Read More »

Washington, D.C. Breast Surgery

Board-certified Washington D.C. plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Desman is pleased to offer a complete range of breast surgery options, enabling him to better meet the individual needs of each woman who walks through our doors. Believing that every woman is entitled to look and feel amazing about her body, Dr. Desman attentively listens to the desires of… Read More »