Facial Rejuvenation Without Surgery or Scars

Facial Rejuvenation is an injectable based alternative to the typical invasive procedures. If you want effortlessly polished skin, read below to view the several state-of-the-art treatments we offer to help you achieve your desired appearance! Ready to schedule a consultation? Contact us at 703-924-3144.

Botox or Xeomin?

It happens to everyone eventually: One day, you look in the mirror and notice deepening crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes, or a furrow in your forehead that you could swear just popped up overnight. These early signs of aging skin are the result of habitual facial expressions, such as frowning, that you… Read More »

Kybella® Northern Virgina

Kybella® is a pioneer treatment that is FDA approved to correct excess, submental fat in adults. The Kybella® treatment is a non-surgical treatment that is a popular alternative to liposuction when diet and exercise have not achieved the results desired. There are a number of factors that can contribute to excess, stubborn fat from genetics… Read More »

How Much do Injectables Cost?

To help you look as young as you feel and give you confidence throughout the day, Virginia cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Desman offers many facial rejuvenation treatments to enhance your appearance. Dr. Desman will discuss your specific needs and desires for treatment and help you decide which treatments are right for you. You can combine treatments for dramatic facial enhancement… Read More »


Radiesse is facial filler used to correct facial wrinkles and fine lines. Radiesse enhances your appearance by promoting the production of your skin’s own collagen. Collagen naturally occurs in the skin and gives your facial appearance volume, strength, and flexibility. Radiesse helps fill out the areas of your face that have begun to wrinkle and fold creating… Read More »

Save 25% On Injectable Services As An eBeauty Club Member

The eBeauty Skin Care Club was created specifically to help you save money on all of your skin care and injectable filler needs and treatments. Washington, D.C. cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Desman, wants to reward you as a loyal customer and help lower your per-treatment costs. Reward yourself with affordable services with monthly payments that fit perfectly… Read More »

Juvederm and Restylane

Many women in their thirties and later years want to enhance their facial appearance. Some of these women do not want to undergo a traditional facelift to get the youthful results they desire. For women who wish to reduce the signs of aging and minimize facial wrinkles, folds, and creases, there are facial fillers. Facial fillers are… Read More »

When to Use BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a medicine that is injected into the facial muscles to help them relax and avoid contracting. Wrinkles and fine lines form in the face when the muscles contract or are tense. Relaxed muscles reduce the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines helping to promote a younger looking you. Knowing when to use BOTOX®Cosmetic… Read More »