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Patient Testimonials


Many people have asked me, since the surgery, if I have had any second thoughts about the surgery … I have to answer that there are no regrets. Only total satisfaction.

- T.F.

Dr. Desman has a great bedside manner … he is straightforward and I would recommend him to all my friends.

- K.W.

I mentioned to you during one of my follow-up appointments my hope that you enjoy your work as a surgeon. Because of what you are able to do for people, you can give them the opportunity to feel more like who they think they are supposed to be. You don’t just remove tissue or move tissues around when you work on your patients; you change lives, you make patients more tolerant of themselves, you help them fit in more with their world, you make them more comfortable with themselves and others. You work a magic that I seem unable to find words to properly describe. I hope that you get real pleasure from being so important to us … and I hope that you are able to realize the extent of that importance.

- B.G.

I would recommend him because he is capable & competent & does good work.

- K.S.
Dr.Desman Note

Dear Dr.Desman:

I would like to express my most sincere & deepest gratitude & appreciation to you and your amazing staff.  For the past four weeks, it has been so exciting getting up & seeing myself in a brand new look every morning!  Wow!!  As your patient for the past 12 yrs, coming to your office & being treated with high respect, care& most of all the extraordinary professionalism are beyond the words to describe and or even put into writing.  The hard work and the grace from your staff was truly appreciated!

I’m so glad to pause a moment again to say:  Thank you so much for everything.  I cannot wait to get back to school and being my students in my brand new look!  Have an awesome and amazing rest of the summer with the utmost respect always and forever.  Respectfully,

(Real Patient-name omitted)