4/28/20 COVID-19 Update

As we head into the sixth week of the coronavirus emergency in our region, the recommendations for personal safety and health have stabilized. You should continue with: – Maximal social distancing – Wear a mask in public – Cough and sneeze into your sleeve even if you are wearing a mask – Wash your hands… Read More »

After a Facelift: Tips for Keeping Skin Tight and Smooth

Though the field of aesthetic medicine is continually advancing, we don’t yet have a way to halt the natural aging process entirely. However, facelift surgery can take years off your appearance and leave you looking more youthful and vibrant. After you finally commit to getting a facelift, the way you treat your skin can make… Read More »

VIP Program Announcement

We had planned for our bi-annual VIP Week for our VIP program members to happen next week, the week of April 27- May 1st. Obviously, with the COVID-19 problem, we cannot have our event as planned. However, the team has come up with an alternative plan. First, for all of our VIP program members, your… Read More »

April 20 COVID-19 Update

As our understanding of the new coronavirus grows, the recommendations for how to behave and what to do are shifting a bit. The most important recommendations are still the same: – Maximal social distancing – Wear a mask in public – Cough and sneeze into your sleeve even if you are wearing a mask –… Read More »

What Causes Under-Eye Bags and How Fillers Can Help

Age-related facial volume loss is a concern for many people who wish to look as young and vital on the outside as they feel on the inside. As the fat pads underlying your skin shift downward due to gravity, it can leave some areas of your face looking gaunt or hollow – including the delicate… Read More »

COVID-19 Update

Dear Patients & Friends, I would like to reassure you that we are still open and are taking precautionary steps to protect our patients and the VCPS team from the COVID-19 virus. For the past two weeks and going forward, we are only seeing urgent and emergency patients in the office by appointment. We are… Read More »

Generation Zoom

I hope everyone is staying home and staying safe. It looks like many of us are joining Gen Z right now – that is Generation Zoom. Zoom conferencing is exploding all over the country and world right now because of social distancing guidelines. I just read an article that discusses some of the risks and… Read More »