Are Breast Implants Safe? The FDA Reviews the Risks

breast implants

If you’ve been weighing the pros and cons of getting a breast augmentation with implants, safety is one of the factors you have undoubtedly considered. How safe and long-lasting are breast implants? Are there any health concerns you need to be aware of before getting breast implant surgery? Read on to become a more informed… Read More »

How to Revive Your Skin After a Cold Winter

Spring has finally sprung in the Northern Virginia area, bringing longer days and warm weather with it. We all welcome the change in seasons for several reasons, not least of which is that spring represents the perfect time to change up your skin care routine and revitalize after a long, dreary winter. Here are our… Read More »

Is It Possible to Breastfeed After Breast Surgery?

breastfeeding after breast augmentation

Many women who consider having breast surgery may want to have children at some point. One of the most commonly asked questions among women who would like to undergo breast surgery is whether or not they will be able to breastfeed afterward. Many factors can contribute to a woman’s ability to breastfeed, but most women… Read More »