Breast Reduction Northern Virginia

Breast Reduction has helped a number of women with overly large breasts enjoy a more comfortable and confident life. Disproportionately large breasts can cause pain in the neck, back and shoulders, as well as skin irritation. There are a number of activities many of us take for granted that women with overly large breast are unable… Read More »

What to Expect the Day of Your Facelift Surgery

A facelift is a surgical procedure that tightens your skin, trims excess facial fat, and leaves you with a more natural, youthful appearance. Once you and your Fairfax cosmetic surgeon decide that a facelift is the best procedure to meet your cosmetic goals, you will receive instructions about what you should and should not do, eat, and drink prior… Read More »

Thank you – Review – Testimony

A testimony / review of Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery and Dr. Eric Desman, by way of Thank You Card… & Cake! A long-standing patient of ours sweetened our day this morning to show her appreciation for the last 10 years of service at VCPS.  Dr. Desman is a testament in providing a long-lasting, valued… Read More »

Thigh Lift Northern Virginia

Thigh Lift surgery has helped many people achieve the thigh body contour they desire. We all have that one area of the body that we struggle with more than the rest, for some people this area is the thighs. As the summer months approach that struggle can mean we get self-conscious about what to wear in the… Read More »

Thighplasty Alexandria

Thighplasty is a body contouring procedure that is designed to rejuvenate the appearance of the thighs after a person has achieved a significant weight loss that has left excess, sagging skin in the upper thighs. Many people struggle with the appearance of their thighs, whether they have just lost a large amount of weight, or if… Read More »