Maintaining Good Results after Liposuction in Alexandria

Liposuction can remove several pounds of excess fat from the targeted area treated by Dr. Eric Desman. Once fat is removed, it cannot come back, making the results of your Alexandria liposuction procedure more or less permanent. More or less, because while removed fat cannot come back, new fat can and will accumulate unless you take steps… Read More »

Types of Breast Augmentation Incision Placement

Every part of your breast augmentation is personal, based on both your desires and factors unique to your anatomy. Where your breast augmentation incisions are placed is no exception to this, which is why board-certified Alexandria breast surgeon Dr. Eric Desman offers a number of options that can help ensure the most pleasing results. If you are… Read More »

What is Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

In some instances plastic surgery is intended to enhance or alter a specific body part. Indeed, the words “plastic surgery” can instantly call to mind any number of procedures that enhance, but do not necessarily restore a body. However, reconstructive plastic surgery is just as much a part of our Virginia practice as procedures intended to simply… Read More »

Beware of Medical Tourism for Plastic Surgery

Medical tourism is a risky business. When you leave our country to seek plastic surgery treatments in less developed nations or those with fewer oversights, you are placing both your safety and satisfaction at risk. You should only trust your procedure to a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs procedures in accredited surgical facilities. This helps guard your… Read More »