Rhinoplasty - End Results

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The end results of your rhinoplasty procedure, of course, will depend on what the surgery was designed to do. However, the results of a rhinoplasty procedure are essentially permanent.
As with most surgical procedures, the healing process following rhinoplasty comes in stages.
Immediately following the procedure, the surgeon will apply a splint to stabilize the newly resculpted nose, and may also pack your nose with a dressing to maintain the position of the septum.
In the first two to ten days following surgery, you may experience moderate to severe discomfort, which can be alleviated with pain medication and use of cold compresses.
Numbness in the tip of the nose will usually persist for several weeks to several months; bruising will be present for about one to three weeks; and swelling can persist up to six to twelve months. The skin and soft tissues continue to adjust and remodel over the altered bone and cartilage framework for up to one year after surgery.
Most of the time you can return to work after one to three weeks, and can resume all normal activities within six weeks. The final result of the rhinoplasty procedure is generally visible anywhere from three months to two years following the procedure.
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