Ear Pinning Surgery (Otoplasty)

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Although otoplasty, ear pinning surgery, is typically performed on younger children (ages 4-14 or so), it is frequently done for adults as well. It is a procedure that will bring the ear closer to the head and reduce the size of seemingly large ears.

Whether the cosmetic ear pinning surgery is for you or your child, it should never be done without first consulting a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Desman. Fairfax County plastic surgeon, Dr. Desman will determine the most effective technique to achieve the desired results.

The procedure itself is fairly simple. An incision is made in the back of the ear so the cartilage can be sculpted and folded, allowing the ear to lie closer to the head. Stitches are used to close the incision. The head will be wrapped with a rather bulky bandage for several days. This will help the newly sculpted ear to mold and heal properly. After the healing process, the result will be a more natural look to the head overall.

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