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Knowing when Breast Implant Revision is Needed Northern Virginia

A breast implant revision involves either having your current breast implants removed or replaced. If you’ve had complications after a primary breast augmentation with another surgeon, contact breast surgeon, Dr. Eric Desman of the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery so he can correct problems like wrinkling, folding and incorrect positioning, with a revision procedure.

Depending upon individual needs, a patient may choose to completely remove breast implants for medical or age reasons, or have the breast implants replaced. If you live in the Washington DC area and are contemplating a breast implant revision, choose a cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience in breast implant revisions, like Dr. Desman at the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery in Arlington, Virginia. Often a breast revision can turn a negative breast augmentation procedure into positive one.

Reasons Women May Choose a Breast Revision Procedure

When complications from breast augmentation occur, it’s best to address those issues sooner, rather than later. A breast revision might be necessary if you have experienced the following problems:

  • An unnatural appearance
  • Folding or wrinkling of the implant
  • Capsular contracture – extreme development of scar tissue that places pressure on the implant
  • Implant leakage or rupture
  • Improper balance or positioning of the implant

Improving results of a past breast augmentation procedure is another reason a woman may seek a breast revision. Women will often look at enhancing past results, if:

  • Age-related factors call for smaller breasts
  • Improved confidence creates a personal need to increase cup size
  • A desire for improvement in aesthetic flaws is warranted
  • Medical improvements or changes necessitate a different fill type

Medical reasons for breast revisions are rare compared to specific patient requests to modify their existing breast implants for cosmetic reasons. So, learn about the risks of breast surgery, but remain confident in the past success of such procedures. It’s also important to familiarize yourself with the common myths and facts of breast surgery so you can answer other questions from friends and family members.

Help with your Breast Revision

When your previous breast augmentation didn’t go as planned, Dr. Desman can evaluate your past procedure and determine existing breast implant viability. Often, during breast implant revisions, implants are found to be in good condition and without rupture, so old implants can simply be adjusted, without having to be removed or replaced.

If you live in Northern Virginia or Washington DC and are considering a breast revision procedure, our cosmetic surgery practice at the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery in Arlington Virginia, can schedule an appointment to determine your specific corrective needs. Please call our office today to arrange your consultation.

Call 703-924-3144 to schedule a consultation.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality cosmetic surgery care in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC region. Dr. Desman is committed to serving you through advanced training, dedication to perfection and unmatched personal care.

We are confident you will not be disappointed!

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