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Breast Augmentation: Our Gold Standard of What You Can Expect

In your quest for the best breast, it's helpful to have a goal-to know what the best really is! The following is what we expect for patients in our practice. We set our goals and practices to meet these expectations.

You should feel totally informed

  • Through our written informational materials, patient educator consultation(s), and surgeon consultation(s)

Offer you options and choices for augmentation

Thoroughness and attention to detail in your consultation and examination

  • Comprehensively covering all pertinent issues and choices in our written materials and consultations
  • Detailed measuring of your breasts (not just eyeballing them!) and discussion of your tissue characteristics and what they will allow
  • Detailed documentation of our evaluation on detailed clinical evaluation sheets as you watch
  • Discussion of every detail of your exam with you, and how it impacts your options, risks, and result

Help you make the best decisions

  • Assure that you understand all of the information we've provided-you must have knowledge to make good decisions!
  • Help you understand your tissues and what your body will allow you to have
  • Discuss all options, and the tradeoffs and risks of each option
  • Emphasize the tradeoffs of any choices we make (no options are without tradeoffs)
  • Summarize our choices, decisions, and tradeoffs

State-of-the-art surgery and anesthesia

  • The most advanced surgical techniques
  • Anesthesia to maximize the surgeon's control and accuracy while maximizing your comfort
  • Surgical and anesthesia techniques to make your recovery as easy and rapid as possible
  • Techniques to minimize your risks of complications
  • Techniques to maximize the quality of your short and long term result

A state-of-the-art surgery facility

  • Fully accredited
  • A friendly, personal atmosphere
  • State-of-the-art equipment and personnel

A rapid and easy recovery

  • No bleeding
  • No bruising
  • No drain tubes coming out of your body
  • No binders or straps
  • No special bras
  • No prolonged recovery – over 90% of Dr. Desman's patients return to normal activity in less than 72 hours (see below), regardless of the incisional approach or whether the implant is over or under muscle.
  • No restrictions on normal activity: We recommend full normal activity immediately (lifting arms above head, driving your car, lifting normal weight objects); return to aerobic activity and exercise in four weeks.

But we can't achieve these goals alone. Your help is essential.
You must be willing to:

  • Be honest with us with regard to your desires
  • Be willing to do your homework (read the informational materials we provide)
  • Listen carefully during our discussions and ask questions about any detail you don't understand
  • Be realistic with respect to your expectations and what your body will allow you to have
  • Don't try to outthink us or diagnose yourself – call and ask questions
  • Cooperate with us by following instructions carefully
  • Tell us when we fail to meet any of your expectations or any of our mutual goals Your willingness to do your homework, ask questions if you don't understand any detail, and willingness to listen carefully and follow our instructions.

Please choose from the sections below to read more about The Best Breast:

1999 CosmetXpertise. All rights reserved.
John B. Tebbetts, M.D.

The information in this section of our web site is from the book The Best Breast: The Ultimate, Discriminating Woman's Guide to Breast Augmentation by John B. Tebbetts, M.D. and Terrye B. Tebbetts, and is included on our web site with Dr. Tebbetts' permission. You can visit their web site at You can purchase The Best Breast book at or Barnes and Dr. Desman urges you to read this book**! It is a tremendous resource for you.

**Dr. Desman has no financial interest in the referral or sale of this book.

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