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Augmentation Savvy- How Much Do You Have?

How can you tell if a surgeon specializes in breast augmentation?
Hint: How many choices did you get?

What is the best way to do a breast augmentation?
Hint: Is one way the best for everyone?

What are my breast tissues like? What difference does it make?
Hint: Describe the tissues of your breasts. How are they different from another woman?

What will happen to my breast tissues as I get older? How will augmentation affect this?
Hint: Think about your grandmother's breasts!

How long do breast implants last?
Hint: Does any device last forever?

How do you or your surgeon choose implant size and shape?
Hint: The right answer is not cup size or cc's.

How do I make my surgeon understand what I want?
Hint: Start with what you don't like about your own breasts – not by looking at someone else's breasts.

What decisions can I make before augmentation that will affect my risks of needing additional reoperations in the future?
Hint: What type of breasts always look worse as they age?

What does "under muscle" mean? Who needs it?
Hint: Not everyone needs it, and beware the muscle myths!

What does "over muscle" mean? Who needs it?
Hint: Not everyone needs it, and there are tradeoffs.

Can you tell by looking if an implant is over or under muscle?
Hint: If you think the answer is yes, you're wrong!

What types of implants can I choose from?
Hint: How many options were you offered? There are at least 4-6 options, not counting size options.

Which is better – a saline filled or a silicone filled implant? Do I have both options?
Hint: This is a very loaded question! Be very careful! Do very diligent research! Ask about adequacy of fill and rupture risk!

What causes rippling? Is all rippling the same? What is the best way to prevent rippling?
Hint: It's not a textured shell! And it has to do with the shape of the implant and fill!

Can I nurse after having implants?
Hint: Could you nurse without an implant?

How are mammograms affected by implants?
Hint: All implants affect mammograms, and mammograms aren't 100% accurate.

How much does it cost, and what am I paying for?
Hint: A bargain may not be a bargain – the first reoperation costs a lot more than your augmentation!

What types of financing are available?
Hint: Several. Beware of interest rates!

Do implants come with a guarantee or warranty? Does it vary with manufacturer?
Hint: Read a written guarantee carefully!

What is a large implant?
Hint: How many cc's is large?

How does implant size affect my tissues?
Hint: What happens to large breasts with age?

What causes pain and discomfort following the procedure? How can I minimize it?
Hint: It has to do with how the surgeon creates the pocket for the implant!

What is the most common thing that can go wrong in augmentation?
Hint: It usually happens within the first year following augmentation, but not the first month!

What is the worst thing that can happen after augmentation? How often does it happen?
Hint: It requires immediate implant removal!

How long will it take for the breasts to look good after augmentation?
Hint: It depends on the choices you make!

When can I resume normal activity? Lift normal objects, drive my car, lift my arms over my head?
Hint: It depends on the surgeon you choose! When can I work out again?Hint: It depends on the surgeon you choose.

Do I need to wear a bra?
Hint: If you were born with perfect breasts, would you need to wear a bra?

What are the most common reasons I might need another operation?
Hint: Your choices of implant and surgeon can affect this!

If I need another operation, who is responsible for the expenses?
Hint: It isn't your surgeon! Unless your surgeon tells you that it is!

After augmentation, when a woman says, "My breasts got hard!", what does it mean?
Hint: It's not the implant itself that gets hard. But it usually means a reoperation.

These questions are nursery school for augmentation. If you really know the answers to all these questions, you are beginning to be informed. If you don't know all the answers, don't feel too bad-most patients who have already had the operation don't know these answers. If you want the best chance for the best breast, you'll find the answers in The Best Breast!

Please choose from the sections below to read more about The Best Breast:

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John B. Tebbetts, M.D.

The information in this section of our web site is from the book The Best Breast: The Ultimate, Discriminating Woman's Guide to Breast Augmentation by John B. Tebbetts, M.D. and Terrye B. Tebbetts, and is included on our web site with Dr. Tebbetts' permission. You can visit their web site at You can purchase The Best Breast book at or Barnes and Dr. Desman urges you to read this book**! It is a tremendous resource for you.

**Dr. Desman has no financial interest in the referral or sale of this book.

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