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Liposuction Northern Virginia

Liposuction is a method of body sculpting that allows plastic surgeons to remove targeted pockets of unwanted fat.

Liposuction is performed using a device that consists of a powerful vacuum and a thin steel tube called a cannula. You are put under either local or general anesthesia, after which your surgeon inserts the cannula into a small incision to reach the unwanted fat deposits, and then suctions the fat out.

There are two primary liposuction techniques in use today: Tumescent liposuction and modified tumescent liposuction. The older "dry method" liposuction is no longer in use, as modern procedures have proven far safer and more effective.

Tumescent liposuction

In a tumescent liposuction procedure, the area in which liposuction is to be performed is anesthetized with a diluted local anesthetic containing lidocaine, epinephrine (adrenaline), and intravenous fluid . This solution causes the area to become numb to pain, and to become tumescent, or swollen and somewhat hardened. This lets the surgeon more easily insert the cannula beneath the skin and better target the areas from which the fat is to be removed. The adrenaline in the area causes blood vessels to constrict, thus leading to less blood loss and increases your surgeon's ability to take out more fat.

Benefits of tumescent liposuction over traditional methods include the following:

  • It allows for fat deposits to be more accurately targeted due to the tumescence.
  • The cannula can be inserted and guided more easily into tumescent fat.
  • Bruising and pain are minimized.

Tumescent liposuction may be performed under local anesthesia, depending upon the location and extent of the work.

"I mentioned to you during one of my follow-up appointments my hope that you enjoy your work as a surgeon. Because of what you are able to do for people, you can give them the opportunity to feel more like who they think they are supposed to be. You don't just remove tissue or move tissues around when you work on your patients; you change lives, you make patients more tolerant of themselves, you help them fit in more with their world, you make them more comfortable with themselves and others. You work a magic that I seem unable to find words to properly describe. I hope that you get real pleasure from being so important to us … and I hope that you are able to realize the extent of that importance." B.G.

Modified Tumescent Liposuction

Modified tumescent liposuction is a procedure that combines the tumescent liposuction procedure described above with general anesthesia, meaning you are conscious during the procedure, or with IV sedation, in which you are sedated to a sort of 'twilight' consciousness in addition to the local anesthesia.

The procedure itself is the same, but the patient assumes both the benefits and the risks of the additional sedation or anesthesia. Risks of IV sedation are minimal, and can provide significant benefit for nervous patients. For patients who are having multiple areas are large volumes suctioned, additional anesthesia may be beneficial. All liposuction procedures performed under anesthesia should be performed in a certified operating room with certified anesthesia personnel in attendance at all times.

More Information on Liposuction

For detailed information on liposuction, see the topics below:

If you would like to discuss liposuction options personally, Dr. Desman is available in Alexandria, Virginia, for a consultation.

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